Daily analysis of EUR/USD for July 29, 2016


Daily analysis of EUR/USD for July 29, 2016 Show full picture Overview Gold price is testing the EMA50 remaining stable above it, while stochastic begins to provide positive signals on the four hours time frame. This supports the continuation of our bullish overview in the upcoming period, waiting to target …

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Neutral trend persists for already 10 sessions in a row


On Thursday, the US stocks slightly rose within a narrow neutral range, which lasts for already 10 trading sessions in a row. Due to good quarterly reporting, the stocks of Apple (NASDAQ:) (+1,3%), Alphabet (NASDAQ:) (+4%) and Amazon.com (NASDAQ:) (+1,7%) rose. However, the total growth of the stock market was …

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BOJ Expands ETF Purchases, Keeps Interest Rate Steady

Editor’s Choice By: DailyForex.com In a surprise decision, the BOJ pledged to keep interest rates steady at the close of its two-day meeting on Friday. With mounting pressure for aggressive easing from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration, Governor Kuroda and the central bank also voted to expand an ETF purchases …

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Silver Continues Higher Long-term


Editor’s Choice By: DailyForex.com Silver markets continue to look as if they are one of the more interesting markets right now, and during the day on Thursday we tried to break out above the $20.50 handle, which was the top of the recent consolidation area. Below there, the $19.50 level …

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Insiders Are Secretly Selling


A Cycle Top in The Stock Market Next Month It was “Panic Buying” that pushed the and the Indices to record highs. To be sure there is trouble brewing in this rally. Smart money has left the stock market, as the charts at the end of this article will display …

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Daily analysis of USD/JPY for July 28, 2016


Daily analysis of USD/JPY for July 28, 2016 Show full picture Overview The USDJPY pair bounced bearishly after approaching from retesting 106.63 levels yesterday and resumed the bearish track that moves inside the minor bearish channel shown on the chart. This alongside the EMA50 supports our bearish overview for the …

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Russia overtakes Saudi Arabia in crude output

29 Jul 2016, 06:53 UTC+00 The US economy’s gross domestic product has increased by 2.5 percent annualized rate during the second quarter following a weak 1.1 percent during the first quarter as reported by the Bloomberg survey median prior to Friday’s report. Last quarter, households have led the drive with …

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Euro Gains Ground on Sterling, Dollar

Editor’s Choice By: DailyForex.com The Euro edged up against the Pound Sterling earlier today as markets focus on the upcoming policy meeting of the Bank of England. Although recent UK-based data has been hit or miss, the recent job cuts, some 3,000, at one of the UK’s leading banking firms, …

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Elliott Wave Analysis: SILVER Reaching Higher


Elliott Wave Analysis: SILVER Reaching Higher Skip to main content ANALYSIS | 09:10 GMT Gregor Horvat EW-Forecast Silver seems to be in a new impulsive wave, after we recognized a completed corrective retracement in blue wave 4. That said break above the upper corrective channel line could suggest higher levels …

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